Who We Are and What We Do!

We are The Fighting Machinists! With approximately 600,000 active and retired members, the IAM is also the world’s largest union of aerospace workers. 90,000 IAM members work in aerospace, building and maintaining airframes, jet engines, rockets, missiles, satellites and advanced electronics and avionics gear. The IAM has negotiated contracts and represents members working for many major aerospace companies, including, among others: Boeing; Bombardier; DynCorp; General Electric; Lockheed Martin; Pratt & Whitney; Raytheon and United Technologies. The IAM Aerospace Department employs full-time Aerospace Coordinators who specialize in serving members in specific companies and sectors of the aerospace industry.

Your Contract will be one of more than 4,400 legally-binding agreements currently in effect between various employers and the IAM. Your contract secures your wages, hours and working conditions. But most contracts also provide an extensive array of benefits, rights and protections, including: job security, vacations, holidays with pay, life insurance, medical benefits, pension rights, sick leave, severance pay, maternity leave, shift differentials, transfer and promotion rights, time off for voting, jury duty, savings plans, moving allowances, call-in pay and many other benefits vital to the welfare of you and your family.As an IAM member, you have the right to propose changes to your contract when it comes up for negotiation. You have the right to help elect your negotiating committee. And you have the right to vote to approve or reject any contract under which you will work. And whenever a new contract is negotiated, you have the right to receive a copy.Non-union workers must live at the whim of the employer.Union workers have a legal, binding contract and an organization ready to back it up. Comparative studies of contracts negotiated by other unions show IAM contracts are as good as any, and better than most.