ALERT: Management’s Anti-Union Barrage Upcoming

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Boeing is willing to spend millions to keep you from having a fair workplace. They recently paid for all levels of management to attend mandatory trainings conducted by the notorious (and pricey) anti-union firm, Ogletree and Deakins. They have one goal: prevent you from choosing better wages, better benefits, fairness, respect and dignity on the job.

We are close to filing for an election, and the company is getting worried. They want to keep total control over you.

So instead of improving your quality of life, Boeing is forking over hefty hourly fees to inundate you with anti-union messages. Many of the law firms who do this work demand contracts (isn’t that funny?) that include luxury hotel suites, meals and drinks for entertaining.

They’ll alternate between scare tactics and promises of a new day. Management will start whisper campaigns—remember the false rumor that you’ll start bargaining from zero? We can’t fall into their trap again.
Here’s what to watch for:
• Good cop, bad cop: Have you seen Dave Carbon lately? I can guess you will see more of Ms. Joan Robinson-Berry.
• We’re buddies: The law firm will instruct management to look for opportunities to express heartfelt, sincere care for you.
• Captive audience meetings: They will pretend your concerns are their concerns, but the free-ranging discussion is not what the boss has in mind.
• Letters and emails: The law firm will ghost write letters from employees, well-liked supervisors and managers. They may express appreciation for what the team has accomplished. They may admit they made mistakes. You can bet they’ll talk bad about the union. This double standard is designed to get you to think the “truth” is coming from them.
• Divide and conquer: These union busting law firms also direct management to play one group against another in the hopes of generating disunity. They’ll exploit racial and gender differences and pit senior workers against new workers, and so on.

This quote holds true: “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.”

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