All Hands Meeting Report

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14068073_512470208956086_1848777091777773010_nHearing the company’s radio ads on all the different stations around North Charleston and the recent all-hands meeting it is apparent the company will continue to fight your right to organize. I am confident the company understands by organizing it will provide the workers the ability to make real change. Isn’t it ironic how the company pretends to listen when the support for organizing grows?

What your coworkers came away with from their recent all-hands meetings.

“They keep putting an emphasis on how we are being paid based on the region. We are the only one in the region building jets!!”

“Only problem they said were going to be addressed was a larger shuttle bus and food service on campus. management dodged other concerns like paid bereavement leave, higher wages, policies, and performance raises – the things that matter.”

“3 different administrators have said the same thing when it comes to our salary. They compare apples to oranges. They won’t let us compare apples to apples. But they can spend millions on anti-union attorneys, billboards, radio ads, and everything else. It is obvious where their priorities are.”

“Dave Carbon brought to my attention that I should be happy with the ability to use the restroom whenever I want, not everybody gets that in South Carolina.”

“The company says we don’t need a third party! So I assume the workers are the second class party? Lately, It sucks to be the second class party; a third party might just be the answer.”

With every year that goes by is another year we miss out on the opportunity to address the issues that are most important to the folks that do the hard work. We will continue to encourage folks to sign their authorization card. I hope you will do the same.

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