BSC Worker Appeals to His Co-workers for Support in Organizing a Better Boeing

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Am I someone you know?  I have a wife, kids, car payment, and a mortgage.  I am a BSC employee. I work. I am on the floor helping with the building of the most advanced airliner in the world. I started in the 88-20 building when the airplane numbers were in the single digits. I started as a contractor. I have worked 1st shift, 2nd shift, and 3rd shift. My record for consecutive days worked is 19. I have had … Read More

Changed Rules

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We need a better balance at BSC between the right to profit and the rights of those who produce these profits. A handful of wealthy CEOs and politicians have rigged the rules in their favor and hard work, ingenuity and perseverance are not rewarded the way they used to be. Wages ought to reflect a fair return on work. We can create an environment at BSC where working people have a say, including raising wages and improving benefits. BSC workers … Read More

Value Work

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America has so much good work to be done, roads to be paved, kids to be taught, energy to be generated. All work has value and all working people have rights. But when people are given a work schedule that constantly changes or told to work more for less, the workplace isn’t fair. We cannot allow anyone to be paid less than a living and left scrambling to retire. Your hard work at BSC should be recognized and rewarded. We … Read More

New Rule Requires Employers to Disclose Use of Anti-union ‘Persuaders’

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P&C: “Boeing BSC will have to disclose agreements they have with third-party lawyers and consultants hired to help sway workers against union representation under a new rule outlined Wednesday by the U.S. Department of Labor. ” Source Post and Courier website and 3/24/2016 article. Reporter David Wren It has been stated many times during the current organizing campaign at BSC that the Company continues to pay high priced anti-union attorneys “persuaders.” The same persuaders that bombarded the workers with lies … Read More

These Are the Issues Your Co-workers Asked Us to Address

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At the IAM’s last informational meeting, a few questions arose which your co-workers who are currently assisting the organizing drive want to share directly with you. They felt the discussion and answers to their questions, which were answered by the IAM, would also benefit those of you who did not attend the meeting. Can the IAM ensure that if we get to another election with authorization cards it will not be cancelled? When a majority of Boeing workers submit authorization … Read More

It’s Hard To Give Up What You Don’t Have

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Large successful companies are unified in trying to keep wages low and eliminate benefits. Without a contract, workers have no ability to fight back. Companies do it in the name of profits, shareholders and investor pressure. No one expects senior company officials to stand up for workers receiving higher wages. It’s not their job and it’s not their nature. Workers need an independent voice and the means to make company officials listen and re­spond. It is almost laughable when someone … Read More

Our Email Response to Beverly Wyse

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Nov. 5, 2015 – I posted an image of a recent communication from Beverly Wyse concerning the IAM – I would like to share our email response to Beverly. Beverly, It’s my understanding that you came from a union family. So, you understand how important good union wages can be for workers and their loved ones. That’s one of the reasons I’m so optimistic about the future at BSC. Although we’re not there yet, I look forward to a time when … Read More

A Union Commitment to South Carolina’s Community

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The IAM and other unions in North Charleston have committed to helping workers in the area secure better wages and benefits. The IAM’s Machinists News Network recently visited to take a closer look at what unions are doing to help the community. Watch the video here.    

Boeing Workers Now Have Access to Electronic Authorization Cards

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IMPORTANT – On September 1st, the National Labor Relations Board adopted a final rule which allows for electronic signatures on authorizations cards.  Starting immediately, all hourly Boeing workers can sign an authorization card by simply clicking the link provided below. From the privacy of your home or handheld device, you can choose to join your co-workers in supporting the current organizing campaign for a better Boeing for all workers. The same legal protections that apply to hard copy cards also … Read More

YOUR Contract…YOUR Seniority!

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During the organizing campaign leading up to the April 2015 vote, one issue was addressed in the December 2014 IAM newsletter that seems to be very relevant today. The concern was, “will Boeing workers from Everett, Washington have the right to bump a BSC employee under an IAM contract?” This was a scare tactic being put out there from Boeing management. Now, here we are in November of 2015 and Boeing management is turning your fears into reality, precisely because … Read More

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