Decline Of Unions Has Hurt All Workers

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The steep decline in union membership in recent decades has had an outsize effect on the American workforce, tamping down wage increases for nonunion workers, a new study says. Average weekly earnings for nonunion private-sector male workers would have been 5%, or $52, higher in 2013 if the share of union workers had remained at 1979 levels, according to the study out Tuesday from the liberal-leaning Economic Policy Institute ahead of Labor Day. That’s tantamount to a loss of $2,704 … Read More

All Hands Meeting Report

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Hearing the company’s radio ads on all the different stations around North Charleston and the recent all-hands meeting it is apparent the company will continue to fight your right to organize. I am confident the company understands by organizing it will provide the workers the ability to make real change. Isn’t it ironic how the company pretends to listen when the support for organizing grows? What your coworkers came away with from their recent all-hands meetings. “They keep putting an … Read More

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