Boeing is Here to Stay

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BSC Friends,

Mike here. I’ve heard from a lot of you who know there needs to be change at Boeing, but have some doubt because the company continues to blitz everybody with scare tactics. I believe you are right to be concerned—it’s human nature to start having doubt.

I was recently told one of the most effective scare tactics the company is using is the threat of picking up and moving. I am here to tell you that moving is just an aggressive attempt to scare you. Boeing will not move—it’s here to stay and grow. Here’s why:

1) Boeing has a legal commitment to the state of South Carolina to keep operations here. In return, the company enjoys generous tax breaks and grant money.

2) It is very difficult and time consuming to start up a complete end-to-end assembly site. Developing a skilled workforce is a large hurdle to overcome and risky when trying to continue to deliver quality planes on time. BSC workers are as dedicated and skilled as any other site.

3) Start-up costs exceed a billion—with a “B”—dollars.

The reality is we are talking about 3,000 families needing better wages and some consistency at work. For a company as large as Boeing, it’s a drop in the bucket to increase your wages. There are roughly 7,000 workers at BSC. About 3,000 are blue collar and earn what the company calls “area wages,” while the other 4,000 enjoy wages much higher. That’s not fair.

The IAM has over 4,400 contracts covering hundreds of thousands of proud men and women across North America. We’re the largest and most powerful aerospace union in the world. If the IAM were half as bad as Boeing tries to imply, we wouldn’t be what we are today. Facts are facts—union members live better.

We simply have to ignore management noise and vote ‘yes’ on February 15.

We have this one opportunity to make the change that’s needed and ensure the company continues to stay successful.




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