Boeing is Here to Stay

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BSC Friends, Mike here. I’ve heard from a lot of you who know there needs to be change at Boeing, but have some doubt because the company continues to blitz everybody with scare tactics. I believe you are right to be concerned—it’s human nature to start having doubt. I was recently told one of the most effective scare tactics the company is using is the threat of picking up and moving. I am here to tell you that moving is … Read More

SC Professor: Why Boeing Workers Should Vote ‘Yes’

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BOEING WORKERS AT SOUTH CAROLINA – BSC·TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 7, 2017 My uncle was a steelworker in northeast Ohio and a member of the United Steelworkers all his adult life. He worked hard, was paid well, had good benefits and a good pension. I worked in the same steel mill for several summers to help pay my way through college. This mill was a union shop. That meant that after 30 days on the job (a probationary period in which I … Read More

“Protect what we built together.?”

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Hello, There’s strength in numbers. And with that strength, comes a say on important issues in the workplace. One of those issues is your pay. It’s a plain, simple fact – union members earn more money. Which is why the company continues to try and distract you by talking about things such as union dues. They recently filled the break room with diapers, baby clothes and signs saying $800 a year. Yes – diapers, baby clothes and other necessities are … Read More

We Filed!

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Boeing Workers in South Carolina to Vote on Union Representation January 20, 2017, North Charleston, S.C. – The International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM) today will file a petition with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) to hold a secret-ballot union election for approximately 2,850 production employees at the Boeing Co. in North Charleston, S.C. Workers have remained in contact with IAM organizers in recent months regarding numerous workplace concerns that remain unaddressed, including subjective raises, inconsistent scheduling … Read More

Management Noise

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Once again Management has chosen to ignore your rights when it comes to organizing under the National Labor Relations Act. Recently at a morning meeting, a supervisor instructed workers to vote No. This act is a violation of the law. Management has no right to instruct you on how to vote. Supervision continued their assault on worker rights by holding up a picture of an empty building 30 while implying if you organize this is what building 30 will look … Read More

The South Wants Unions. The IAM Just Proved It—Again.

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In an 18-hour stretch between December 8 and 9, the IAM won three separate organizing drives to represent nearly 300 working people in Florida and Kentucky. First, IAM District 711 won elections for two units of 13 Simulator Technicians at Kentucky’s Fort Campbell. The groups work for NOVA Technologies and Pinnacle Solutions, respectively, and support the U.S. Army’s 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment. “These workers wanted the IAM and a contract that will bring justice and security to the workplace,” … Read More

Buffett-Owned Plant Accepts Workers’ Right to Unionize

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A Kent, WA aerospace supply company owned by billionaire Warren Buffett has agreed to a settlement with the National Labor Relations Board in a case that accused company managers of repeated violations of federal labor law. As part of the settlement, the general manager of Protective Coatings Inc. (ProCoat) will read aloud a letter to his employees promising to recognize their rights under federal law to form a union, and promising that his managers won’t do things to interfere with … Read More

Salary vs Hourly Pay

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BSC Vice President Joan Robinson-Berry has repeatedly said BSC wages compare to Washington State when adjusting the cost of living difference between the two locations. With some research, it is safe to say the difference is small, just 6% (Source: CNN MONEY). Below is a list comparing salary wages between the two 787 sites Everett, Washington and Charleston, South Carolina along with the difference between your hourly wages. I guess Mrs. Joan forgot to mention in her comments the cost … Read More

ALERT: Management’s Anti-Union Barrage Upcoming

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Boeing is willing to spend millions to keep you from having a fair workplace. They recently paid for all levels of management to attend mandatory trainings conducted by the notorious (and pricey) anti-union firm, Ogletree and Deakins. They have one goal: prevent you from choosing better wages, better benefits, fairness, respect and dignity on the job. We are close to filing for an election, and the company is getting worried. They want to keep total control over you. So instead … Read More

Need Proof That Unions Work in the South? Here It Is

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Bradley Fighting Vehicle and HMMV simulator instructors and technicians ratify a first contract less than three months of joining the IAM. A group of newly organized IAM members at Fort Benning in Columbus, GA are the latest example of what many union members already know—when you are part of a union, you make higher wages and better benefits. The nearly 70 highly skilled simulator instructors and technicians overwhelmingly voted to ratify their first contract with this week, just a few … Read More

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