A Union Commitment to South Carolina’s Community

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The IAM and other unions in North Charleston have committed to helping workers in the area secure better wages and benefits. The IAM’s Machinists News Network recently visited to take a closer look at what unions are doing to help the community. Watch the video here.    

Boeing Workers Now Have Access to Electronic Authorization Cards

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IMPORTANT – On September 1st, the National Labor Relations Board adopted a final rule which allows for electronic signatures on authorizations cards.  Starting immediately, all hourly Boeing workers can sign an authorization card by simply clicking the link provided below. From the privacy of your home or handheld device, you can choose to join your co-workers in supporting the current organizing campaign for a better Boeing for all workers. The same legal protections that apply to hard copy cards also … Read More

YOUR Contract…YOUR Seniority!

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During the organizing campaign leading up to the April 2015 vote, one issue was addressed in the December 2014 IAM newsletter that seems to be very relevant today. The concern was, “will Boeing workers from Everett, Washington have the right to bump a BSC employee under an IAM contract?” This was a scare tactic being put out there from Boeing management. Now, here we are in November of 2015 and Boeing management is turning your fears into reality, precisely because … Read More

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