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Once again Management has chosen to ignore your rights when it comes to organizing under the National Labor Relations Act. Recently at a morning meeting, a supervisor instructed workers to vote No. This act is a violation of the law. Management has no right to instruct you on how to vote. Supervision continued their assault on worker rights by holding up a picture of an empty building 30 while implying if you organize this is what building 30 will look like – another violation of the law.

Unfortunately, management from the top down feels you should not have any rights and they have no plans or concerns to honor your rights. This demonstrates your Human Resource Department and your current Vice President have no intention of addressing this matter and have proven they will not stand up for your rights in the workplace. What a shame.

Joan Robinson-Berry let the cat out of the bag when it comes to the company’s approach to union busting. When asked at Friday’s press conference if Boeing had hired an outside law firm to help deliver its anti-union message, she said,
“We’re going to ensure that we have every resource available to us to ensure that we win.”

She later continued,
“So whatever resource we need to ensure that we give the message and that we’re communicating not only to our workforce, but also to the community about the benefit of having, again, a union-free environment.”

This isn’t new of course. Remember how much money Boeing spent last year on their union avoidance campaign?

It’s been brought to our attention that all the employees behind Ms. Robinson-Berry during her speech to the media were salary. Furthermore, the workers advocating against the union in Boeing’s recent TV commercials are also salary. Isn’t it funny how the loudest objectors aren’t even apart of this process?

These empty threats and intimidation tactics are nothing more than MANAGEMENT NOISE.

On Election Day, you will have the opportunity to VOTE YES and show management you have rights.

Stay focused and ditch management noise.

You Deserve Better.

Copy the link below and paste it into your browser to review your rights.×11.pdf

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  1. J. Farag
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    I’m not a Boeing employee, but I will say from an advertising perspective, the company seems to be out-Marketing the Machinist union. I support your efforts and hope you are successful. But please revamp your advertising. I listen to radio stations 99.7, 99.3, 107.3, and 93.3 In Charleston, SC. These stations play predominately R&B and Hip hop music. Everytime I hear a commercial for the Machinist union, it is a generic (automated sounding) voice. In contrast, the company’s commercial voice is clearly a “real person”. She sounds like your classic southern African-America woman. And she’s advising workers to not lose all the progress made by joining the union. I don’t agree with her message, but her appeal makes a very personal connection with the people that listen to those stations. And her tone, cadence, and inflection sounds like she’s from this area – which is a very big deal around here. People from this area often don’t trust people that come from other places. You guys have to do a better job of this, or I fear you will not be successful.

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