New Rule Requires Employers to Disclose Use of Anti-union ‘Persuaders’

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P&C: “Boeing BSC will have to disclose agreements they have with third-party lawyers and consultants hired to help sway workers against union representation under a new rule outlined Wednesday by the U.S. Department of Labor. ”

Source Post and Courier website and 3/24/2016 article. Reporter David Wren

It has been stated many times during the current organizing campaign at BSC that the Company continues to pay high priced anti-union attorneys “persuaders.” The same persuaders that bombarded the workers with lies and misinformation about forming a union leading up to the April 22, 2015 election that was cancelled. These persuaders will do and say anything in the effort to be successful in keeping their client union free – in this example it’s Boeing South Carolina. These persuaders hide behind a curtain of secrecy and are free to use questionable tactics that intimidate or outright mislead workers.

When Boeing was asked to comment on the new rule that takes effect on July 1, the company spokesperson at BSC had no comment.

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