Our Email Response to Beverly Wyse

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Nov. 5, 2015 – I posted an image of a recent communication from Beverly Wyse concerning the IAM – I would like to share our email response to Beverly.


It’s my understanding that you came from a union family. So, you understand how important good union wages can be for workers and their loved ones. That’s one of the reasons I’m so optimistic about the future at BSC. Although we’re not there yet, I look forward to a time when both the IAM and the hourly BSC negotiating committee can sit down with you and your management team to discuss the continued success of BSC.

As you know from your time at the Seattle Boeing facility, there is a tremendous amount a collective bargaining agreement can do to improve the experience on the shop floor. There’s a great deal of stability that accompanies policies and procedures laid out in a written contract. It gives both your supervisors and hourly workers something to look to on a daily basis for consistency.

A union contract also means a fair wages here at BSC. A fair pay scale will allow folks to make life decisions outside of work with the comfort of knowing their hourly pay can sustain those day-to-day life decisions. I remain puzzled as to why you don’t express the reality that the folks under other IAM/Boeing contracts are receiving higher wages. You continue to mention how if the workers in South Carolina elect to go union they may lose. Do you plan on taking away from the workers that you praise so much for the success of BSC? I would hope you would respect their decision and bargain with them in good faith.

As for your recent communications, I would like to thank you for accurately explaining the new NLRB rule changes related to signing an online authorization card. As you are well aware, the workers can visit Boeingworkers.com and simply select “sign a card”. I do feel obligated, however, to correct one issue regarding those communications. At this time, we are not visiting folks at home. If we do decide to share information by visiting folks who have questions or want more information, we will contact your office beforehand so you can express your concerns with the workforce.

I still believe there is a lot of good work the IAM can do at BSC. I am fully aware your success is based on the ability to maximize profit by keeping costs low and wages down – all while increasing production. I would ask that you refrain from the use of scare tactics, however. It is not productive. Nor is it professional.

The Boeing Company could easily afford to provide the upward mobility that accompanies a union contract for their hard working workforce in South Carolina. Hopefully, that’s something we see in the near future.


International Association of Machinists & Aerospace Workers

Bev Wyse Letter