“Protect what we built together.?”

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There’s strength in numbers. And with that strength, comes a say on important issues in the workplace.
One of those issues is your pay. It’s a plain, simple fact – union members earn more money. Which is why the company continues to try and distract you by talking about things such as union dues. They recently filled the break room with diapers, baby clothes and signs saying $800 a year. Yes – diapers, baby clothes and other necessities are expensive. Which is why I can’t imagine anybody making these purchases without wondering what it would be like if, after putting in a long week of work, they made just a little more money.

The truth is: Workers pay a different type of dues by not having a contract. As workers, we all want to continue the success at BSC, but at what cost. We pay every day going to work in a place with inconsistent work rules. We pay every day from not knowing what tomorrow will bring. And we pay by not knowing how much is left on the table when it comes to wages and benefits.

The company’s anti-union slogan is, “Protect what we built together.“ You can bet they want to protect what they have at BSC as much as possible. In case you missed it, just some of what they have to “protect”:
“Boeing Co. (BA) on Wednesday reported fourth-quarter net income of 1.63 billion. The results surpassed Wall Street expectations.” Source: the Associated Press | January 25, 2017, | 8:15 AM EST.
We have this one chance, one opportunity to say “WE DESERVE BETTER.” Don’t let it slip by.

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Mike Evans
IAM rep.

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  1. Tim Tarrant
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    There is a reason why Boeing does not want the union and it has nothing to do with wanting to pay you more or to save you money. You are all highly skilled, talented, workers and you should be recognized as such. Your union will help you be able to have a voice on the job, help you get the respect you earn every day, and your fair share of the pie that you deserve for making Boeing billions of dollars every year. Don’t let Boeing discourage you. Stay strong, keep up the good work, and don’t be afraid to stand up for the rights you deserve. Together as a union, you will make your workplace safer, make your fair share, and gain the respect that has been missing for far too long.

  2. [email protected]
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    Im a elevator mechanic. IUEC LOCAL 135 union member living in Chas with a benefit package the company would have never payed for had our union not negotiated our labor agreement on behalf of its members. Union strong.

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