YOUR Contract…YOUR Seniority!

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During the organizing campaign leading up to the April 2015 vote, one issue was addressed in the December 2014 IAM newsletter that seems to be very relevant today. The concern was, “will Boeing workers from Everett, Washington have the right to bump a BSC employee under an IAM contract?” This was a scare tactic being put out there from Boeing management. Now, here we are in November of 2015 and Boeing management is turning your fears into reality, precisely because you DON’T have a contract to protect your BSC seniority. Right now BSC hourly workers have no seniority protection except for what Boeing sees fit to call seniority and what works for Boeing today simply can change at any time in the future without a contract.

Right now, other Boeing facilities that have a union contract can actually negotiate in their contract that their seniority does apply at BSC and Boeing management could accept those terms. Your contract is crafted from the desires of the membership at BSC and nowhere else.  You and your coworkers alone will vote on the terms of your contract, including how seniority works at BSC.

What we told you in the December 2014 newsletter is as true today as it was then, “As it stands now, you don’t have a contract that lays out seniority procedures. Period!”  Only you can change how seniority is handled at BSC.  You can change it by signing an authorization card, becoming a union workplace and negotiating your own contract here at BSC.

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