The Company Started Their “Give us another Chance” Campaign.

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a businessman telling a lie with the fingers crossed

Recently the company started sending out a “total compensation” survey to the workforce. This survey is a common anti-union tactic to create the illusion you must give up something in order to get something. Choosing to have a better health care plan or no raises, or to increase your 401k contribution or receive the same raises you received the previous year.

It is interesting that the company chooses not to mirror the workers that perform the same craft in Washington State; instead they ask you hypothetical questions. If the workers performing your same job receive better health care along with guaranteed raises why can’t you negotiate for the best of both worlds?

Ultimately this made up survey is designed to give you the false impression you have more to gain by staying union free. If this was truly the case, why hasn’t the company improved upon your benefits thus far? From what we have seen these past two years, managements discretion hasn’t improved upon anything.

The company wants you to believe they are ready to listen, even though they promised to listen to you last time right before an election…but that doesn’t matter, they really really mean it this time. (Insert sarcasm here)

Actions speak louder than words; the company continues to imply you will make more money at BSC without negotiated wages. Ask the company if they are willing to put something in writing guaranteeing you and your co-workers will benefit more by staying union-free.

Our IAM members already have something in writing that guarantees a better total compensation package from wages, to health benefits to 401k contributions which are all bundled together nicely in a CONTRACT.

It’s amazing how similar today’s company survey looks when compared to the same anti-union tactics from the last go around. What’s different this time? — it’s not fooling anybody.

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